Equanimity, Thoughts

Embrace similarities… embrace diversity

When I see posts, memes or videos that try and discredit, or glorify, God, evolution or the big bang theory (science not the show), I just shake my head. I just don’t understand why people cannot allow other people, most of whom they don’t know, have an opinion different from their own.

With all the diversity in the world, how can it be conceived that we would all think the same. No two people have the same experience in life. I have four siblings that I grew up with and not one of us share the same experiences. Just the other day i was talking with one of my sisters on the phone and we were talking about a particular situation that happened in our childhood but both remembered it differently. I consider her a best friend and yet with all of our similarities, we still are not the same.

Take a second and think… if we are all allowed to have our own opinions, feelings and live our lives in our own way (hopefully not harming others), then why can’t our views of how the universe came to be, all. be. true????

Why can’t it be that God is the one who set off the bomb creating the universe and the whole design of his plan was for us to evolve? Just what if… I mean thoughts and theories came from somewhere and we do not have an accurate or clear view of our history. If you read the book of Genesis (1:3) in the bible, it talks about how God created Heaven and Earth (universe?). When you think about it, that sounds a lot like the big bang. In Genesis 6, God talks about the wickedness and wiping the earth so he created a flood. That is a catastrophic weather event and it wiped most of the animals and people away. We had another catastrophic event with Dinosaurs. In both, life changed and those who survived had to adapt, or evolve, to survive.

So many people like to take science out of religion but there are so many scientific ideas weaved within the pages of religious text. It is hard not to believe that there is room for us all to be correct. No one really knows what the truth is. I believe that as we evolve, we will come to understand the purpose of life.

My hope is that we all start to realize that we all have a place in this world. It is not anyone’s place to discredit others. Knowledge is power and gives way to a higher level of thinking.

Don’t compare beliefs; accept difference.


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