Stranger, my friend!

I work in a downtown area and to save on parking, I park about three blocks away. I met a stranger walking to work one day. We exchanged smiles and friendly hellos and continued on our way. Every day since then, our paths would cross. I didn’t know where she was going and I doubt she knew where I was going. But every day, without fail, we’d walk towards each other and smile a polite hello. With each day, our smiles became more and more real; we looked forward to seeing each other. I do not know her name nor she mine. But it gives me great comfort to see her every work day. Within months, we’ve progressed to caring for each other. If I don’t see her on my way in, I pray that she is doing well. Whenever I am out, she stops me, tells me she hasn’t seen me and makes sure that I am well.

I don’t connect with everyone in this manner. Not saying she’s special but it’s almost like she is part of my life and therefore important to me. I think part of the human experience is to connect to others. It seems like if two people are open to it, it’s a spark that happens and there is no turning back. I pass other people on a regular but they make an effort to avoid eye contact or any other indicator of being interested in being friendly. I have no connections with those people and therefore they are like passing thoughts. I have no expectations of people I come across but I have compassion and have hopes for their lives.

I hope as part of your human experience includes meeting perfect strangers and finding that your compassion grows with every encounter.

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