Equanimity, Thoughts

Black. White. Grey. Life…

People have an unhealthy attachment with putting themselves and others into categories. With this obsession, rules emerged and separating the world into the “haves” and “have nots”. By societal definition, I mostly belong to that “have not” category. I am not classically beautiful, outgoing, have a milky complexion, tall, skinny, etc. But I am mostly happy with what I have been given and the life that I have made for myself and for these reasons I am consider myself belonging to the “haves” category.

Some people think there is a black and white to life. You are either in or you are out. It is exhausting trying to categorize people and every aspect of their lives and I’m not even sure there is a reason for it all.

Who decided that we have the right to try and control how others, unrelated to our own lives, live? I will never understand how some people allow their ignorance to be the judge of differences in others. I completely understand the curiosity behind questioning others unlike ourselves but where I seek to learn, others seek to put down and hate difference.

I remember my trip to Ghana and Burkina Faso. I traveled with a group of people from the states and I was the only minority in the group. I thought nothing of it because it wasn’t an out of the ordinary scenario. I am so used to diversity around me but Africa was very different. It was a very eye opening experience because I never thought about what it would mean for non-black people being in a majority black country. I was welcomed with open arms but the other travelers were feared. Some of the Africans had never seen a person that didn’t look like themselves and so they feared the difference. It was my moment to see my world flipped upside down. Instead of creating more fear, I showed that there was nothing to fear and the anxiety around our little group of travelers disappeared.

It was a great two weeks because we came together and treated each other with kindness and love. The world is missing that gray area of life. We cannot group like people together. It will never work as we wish it to simply because every person is unique and will never fit the way society wants. That one simple fact adds complexity and drives everyone to fear and hate. Instead of embracing the negativity of the world, approach everyone with kindness and love and maybe as a whole we can put everyone in one single box… called inclusion.

Let’s embrace each other and breed positivity. We are all here trying to live life and be happy… let’s not prevent other’s from their own personal happiness just because we think we know what’s best. Life is not black and white… its what each person makes of it for themselves.



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