Born Different

I follow a Facebook show titled Born Different. There are many reasons to love this show but my primary reason for loving the show is the level of confidence each person featured has found within themselves, despite being born different.

We are all born different. Like keys, we are all meant to fit into different locks, whether those locks belong to doors, windows, treasure chests, etc. There are times when we focus too hard on the negative aspects of our difference causing us to lose sight on the beauty it presents to the world.

The same can be said when people focus on the differences, most specifically physical differences, when coming in contact with someone who looks different. It is easy to think negatively or feel sympathy at first glance. In doing that, we rob ourselves of the beauty of knowledge we gain from learning about something or someone outside of ourselves.

Some may have glanced at my featured image and thought that the keys were old, dirty and worn. That is true but can you also see the potential? There is a mystery behind what those keys open that intrigues the imagination, and calls us closer to learn more.

Just today, I cursed my physical body. I am unable to run and perform athletic activities due to an old injury that I have never been able to fully recover from. After watching a few episodes of Born Different, I realized that I really need to work on my confidence and I need to embrace my shortcomings. I can’t run distance, so what! I can write; I can love; I am alive!!!

We all have something about ourselves that we wish we could change. We can’t. We are who we are for a reason and the more we embrace ourselves, the easier it will be to embrace others. Happiness starts within and emits a light that brightens life for those who are touched by it.

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