Build your Tribe, find the strength within

Self-doubt is the killer of most everything in your life.

Imagining yourself as weak leads to missed opportunities. I led much of my life in the shadows, desiring not to be seen. I thought that if I brought attention to myself, people would notice the flaws that I saw within myself.

It is still difficult for me to take compliments but it was next to impossible for me to accept them in the past. I thought people were lying to me so as not to hurt my feelings.

I recently began assembling my tribe. I have been aligning myself with people who had my best interest at heart and also aligned with the life I am trying to lead. My life has been changing left and right.

My attempts at trying to connect to people at random have failed because when there is no spark or mutual interest, there will not be a great connection. Now, I connect with people and find mutual interest and support. I am surrounded by people who I trust will be honest and therefore I have begun to find the strength within to step away from the shadows.

My path towards equanimity includes finding my tribe and finding the inner strength to step out of the shadows. In my opinion, having inner strength is necessary for inner peace. We all need to create an unbreakable chain featuring our tribe, our strength, and belief in ourselves.

Who’s in your tribe? What gives you strength?

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