Equanimity, Thoughts

Remember your Power

Society has a way of making us feel less than if we are not striving towards making more money or having more things. When it is all around, taught to us from birth and enforced by everyone around us, it is so easy to get caught up in the material world and forget the power that is within us.

So many kids today have dreams of becoming gamers, YouTubers or celebrities. I remember growing up, wishing to be on the big screen, having people know and adore me. It felt like, if you weren’t striving to become a doctor, lawyer, movie star or business owner, you were destined to be nothing. Who are you if you are not recognized on the street by strangers or making lots of money?

We learn not to value the positions that matter to the infrastructure of the world, like teacher, fire fighters and trades-persons. I digress. That’s just a thought and not the purpose of this post.

We are not all meant to be in the lime light or have the highest salaries just like we are all not meant for lives of poverty. We all have a position to play and if we are not in our power, we throw off the balance of life. Think of the natural world around you. A tree stands tall and strong. It listens for and feels the cues in nature to either sleep or wake. It does not move but plants it’s roots deep into the ground. It effortlessly emits oxygen to support life on Earth. That is the power of the tree. You do not see trees running around trying to pollinate the flowers. That is the power of the honey bee.

It’s hard to separate oneself from the societal pull and do what you’re called to do. It wasn’t until recently that I came fully into my power. I have desired, superficially, to be a celebrity but that was not the path meant for me. Once I listened to what my soul was calling for me to do, which was the thing I most desired, life has become effortless, like the life of a tree.

Remember your power; remember the position you are supposed to take in your life so that you may find equanimity.

Shine Bright and light up the world!

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