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Negative Emotions and the Physical Response

Many people don’t realize the affect our other bodies (emotional, spiritual, mental) have on our physical body. When you are feeling happy, your body has more energy; your mood shifts and you are more receptive to external stimuli. You brain releases serotonin, cortisol and other hormones that assist in regulating bodily functions. This helps you continue to feel great physically, which can align all your bodies.

But what happens when you’re under stress, scared, or depressed and sad?

I have spent most of my life in fear. Fear is a festering negative emotion that can only be eradicated by facing the very thing(s) you fear. Worry is fear’s best friend in my life, which causes constant chaos. My fear was of being noticed or of being in the spotlight. I tried to hide in the shadows every chance that I got. I felt different from my peers and I worried that if they noticed my difference, something negative would happen. I’ve always wanted to hide my difference. There were few moments where I overcame my fear but I didn’t learn from those courageous actions so fear continued to fester and disrupt my life.

The disruptions began early in my life. Since I was about eight years old, I have had unexplained and undiagnosed pain deep in my thighs. I have seen many doctors about it and they could find no reason for the pain. I’ve also experienced mild eczema since birth. Incidentally, it was confined to my thighs and the rest of me was clear, smooth skin. Eczema is something that affected many of my family members so I accepted it.

What I am currently experiencing is unaddressed negative emotions manifesting in my physical body. Have you ever heard of the phrase, ‘I was worried sick’? Many people experience physical responses to emotions. But not many people recognize this phenomenon.

Many illness and dis-ease I feel is inexplicable. The pain in my leg wakes me out of sleep and alters my gait but has no name. I have trouble sleeping and nothing seems to bring me a good night’s rest.

Recently, eczema has spread to my body and my scalp. It is as if I am allergic to my own natural skin oil and perspiration as well as the hair on my head. Basically it has taken over my life and morphed into something festering, like my fear. My situation is a catch-22. I worry about my skin and hair, which increases the fear, which makes my skin worse and more inflamed. No matter what natural methods or medical advice I receive, my ailments are still unexplained.

We all have a purpose. When we are not living our soul’s path, we bring about problems that can manifest itself in many ways. For me, it’s physical. Not only am I worried that my skin won’t be better, I worry about what people may say about my skin and my appearance. How can I realize any of my dreams, aspirations and purpose if I am worried and fearful?

My lesson is, in order to heal myself, I need to address my negative emotions permanently. I’ve cut my hair before but hid behind my beloved head wraps and wigs. Don’t get me wrong, I will still where my head wraps and jazz up my look with a wig but I will not wear them out of fear.

Fear and worry will not just walk out the door with a gleeful goodbye. I have to put in the work to heal myself and realign my bodies. My first action was to expose my scalp by shaving my head. I needed to take action and right now, I am embracing the courage behind that action.

Unapologetically Me

This is me. I am choosing not to allow my fear of standing out disturb my life. I am a healer and if I am going to be an effective healer, I need to be whole. I accept the positive response and protect myself against the negative response.

I hope my story helps you to look into yourself so that you may live your best life and follow your soul’s path.

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