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Service to self/Service to others

In continuing with the Law of One, I want to talk a little about the service to self and service to others concept. RA is a neutral social complex and really gives a higher vibrational look at the polarity within the human experience.

According to Ra, there is no concept of a good person or a bad person. The basic understanding I gained was that people are generally service to self or service to others. We all have some level of both, liken to personality tests like Myers-Briggs, but we have traits that dominate and project who we are.

A person who is service to others is just as you would assume. They are givers; they are available for others in need; they are people who want to bring everyone together and bring about harmony.

A person who is service to self is a person who puts themselves first. They aim to create silos within the population, separating from the whole yet connecting with their own social complex.

Ra says that both groups are working towards the law of one. You read correctly. I was thrown when I first read it but I understand it better now. The law of one states we are unity. Service to others is all about caring for the other “Selves” while service to self is about caring for the individual self. The bottom line is that no matter who you are caring for, you are uplifting the divine energy; the infinite light and love; the vibration of all that exists.

Whenever you spread love, whether it be to yourself or others or the world, you are spreading the divine light and bringing us all closer to the law of one. I feel that as long as I’m not hurting anyone, I can love myself without fear of appearing selfish. I know I am service to others and the little portion of me that wants to care for myself should be honored and freely given.

Whether you are service to others or service to self, never feel bad for being you. Give love and continue to spread light and love.

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