Equanimity, Freedom

Be Curious

Children are the best teachers in the world. They show us all the things that we have forgotten since becoming adults.

Children are the most curious. They ask questions about everything because they are young and new to the world around them. Not only do they ask questions, they are observantly accept the explanations from others or they dispute it and attempt to find the answers that makes sense to them.

For example, children may ask why the sky is blue or why it rains. Some children may accept a scientific answer like the sky is blue because the Sun scatters molecules and the shorter molecules are blue and they scatter more towards our eyes than other colors. Or more spiritual answers like it rains because God is crying.

No matter which answer satisfies the child’s curiosity, the answer helps create their reality and helps them see the world from others’ perspectives.

As we age, we sometimes lose that ability to gather knowledge from other people to help us create our realities. Some adults feel that they know all they need to know based on their own experiences and the experiences of others isn’t relevant or even correct.

We should be more curious! There is so many opportunities missed when we dismiss learning from others and seeing the world from the eyes of others. I love learning from the experiences of others. It teaches me potential outcomes that I then use to determine whether or not I do certain things. My discernment is heightened with the help of others.

Learning and gathering knowledge is one of our best tools to use to be better and more connected with ourselves and others. My ask for you is to be curious and accept others’ perspectives so that you may live a full life.

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