From my soul to yours…

I saw this video on Facebook about testing DNA to find out your total origins; all the places your ancestors come from. It intrigued me for many reasons but the top reason I am interested in this type of ancestry is due to the condition of the world today. So much unjust hate when in reality, we are all connected in some way, no matter how remote. So many people need to realize that our physical features are all due to dominate genes of the long line of family members and the gene pool wheel of fortune.

Have you ever been attracted to someone that you would not have ever thought you would be attracted to? I am not talking about sexual attraction. I am speaking in terms of something higher; a more pure sense of being drawn to another person. To look upon that person’s face is to see nothing but beauty; to find no flaws in that person’s form. To admire the person’s ambitions, hard work, personality, and to simple be grateful that the person exists in the world. To not even know one detail of that person’s life or lifestyle but not care either way. To love someone on sight and know that you are happy to have the opportunity to glance at them for even one time. To simply feel something when there isn’t a reason to feel so strongly?

I have had this feeling in my lifetime. It feels like the feeling of recognition with my brain’s inability to recall ever meeting a person. I always questioned this feeling because it’s a little unnerving to feel so strongly towards a stranger.  But I have a theory…

I imagine that our DNA is the tangible part of our soul. We have a family tree written in our DNA. It records hereditary diseases, familial height and body type markers, etc. When you think about it, these records are memories and can materialize as we are forming in our mother’s womb and we can become a compilation of ancestral memories.  For example, I look nothing like my parents but have two siblings that look like my mom and two siblings that look like my father. I used to get teased about being adopted but never believed it because I am a spitting image of my grandmother, my mother’s mother (my mother looks like her father), but I have my complexion from my biracial grandmother, my father’s mother. I could probably go back a few generations on both sides and find other similarities but the point is, within my 46 of my chromosomes, I did not receive my physical traits from my parents but from the “memories” my grandmothers.

So if you can imagine that, can you also imagine that the DNA can also carry memories from ancestral lives or recognize pieces of itself in other people? And if that’s the case, can it be possible that these strong emotions of attraction is my soul reaching out to someone familiar or a long lost cousin?

Life is full of wonder and it makes me wonder if we will ever really understand what the universe is telling us. But I feel comfort in knowing that my ability to love or care for strangers is not superficial but can be soul deep. It gives me another method to look at other people and not make hasty judgments. I may not feel a strong attraction towards every person but I can find beauty in them by sending them love through my soul.

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