Equanimity, Thoughts

Life and Mystery

It’s funny how you may know someone but not truly know them. They may only choose to trust a part of themselves to you.

The fun part of about connecting with people is gaining their trust and learning more and more about them as you peel back the layers. Like most I have many layers but only allow people to know what they can surmise from the surface.

If you’ve followed my blog from the beginning, you may know me better than some of the people I interact with on a daily basis. I began this blog as a place to vent and get out the words I refused to speak aloud. That’s the nature of us all. We, at different degrees, internalize our true selves and project a socially acceptable exterior.

It’s amazing how was all live a different version of the same story yet can’t recognize ourselves in each other. Have you ever thought about the human condition as connected? We all are born and we all will die. The life in-between is filled with trials and triumphs, successes and failures, some laughs and some cries. We may not share the exact same experiences but when given enough thought, we can recognize ourselves in other people’s stories.

Empathy and kindness helps to shed light on the mysteries of life. The mystery behind all human experience can be unraveled by the understanding that we are connected. Be kind, always.


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