Equanimity, Freedom

Think about it…

I woke this morning with some serious thoughts in my mind and I would like to share them with you.

I am a Christian. Christmas is an important holiday for us because it symbolizes Jesus’ birth– Jesus, a third of the holy trinity.

I bring this up because I want to talk about people, love and why we need to love each other as ourselves.

No matter what your religious background, most religions believe in life after death. This life, this form you are in is temporary and therefore not who you have been or will be… similar to Jesus.

So much hate is the world based on physical forms. Hate based on race, gender, absence of gender, sexual identity, disability, etc. But why? We are not our bodies. We are something greater. There are interracial couples, same sex couples, couples with different levels of ability all because love overrides hate. Love sees past the physical form and looks to the soul. There is nothing wrong with one person loving another. More people should try it.It says a lot about a person who won’t allow a person to be themselves and love who they choose.

Think of life like a Halloween party. We are all dressed in costumes and it’s a place where a witch is dancing with a Stop sign or a nurse is kissing Frankenstein, etc. At the party, we are all aware that the costume is not the true form and we are attracted to the person under the imitation of life. Our bodies, our skin is like a costume because we exist beyond. But we can’t see souls as clearly as costumes because we’ve set ourselves up for blindness.

In the bible, God said he would never destroy the world with water again. There will be fire and hate has ignited the flame. We will destroy the world ourselves because of hate and greed.

Most of the hate in the world is superficial. We hate things we can’t change and people for things they can’t change about themselves. Without even having the knowledge, we try and tell people how to live their lives so that we feel better, when in actuality, we will just find something else to hate.

Is it human nature to make life harder than it needs to be?

We should not be okay with this! You may not believe or agree with everything that I say and that’s fine. I want people to think of all the people they are hurting with so much hate in their hearts. One day, it may be someone you love… think about it.

2019 is upon us. Let’s enter the new year slow to hate and faster to love. If you are hurting and feel like no one cares, I care! If you haven’t heard today or ever that you are great the way you are, just know that I hate nothing about you. Be you because You are beautiful. Shine from the inside, out.

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