History has its eyes on you

I had the privilege of seeing Hamilton last weekend. This musical was so profound and important to me because of my love of history and the events that shaped our present.

Upon leaving the theater, my mind swirled with thoughts provoked by the points brought up concerning Alexander Hamilton’s life. He was a person who could not contain his desire to bring about revolution and used his voice and words to make his ideas known. 

It made me think of my own life and the things that I have done, thought to do and will do in the future. The one line that stuck out for me was, ‘history has its eyes on you.’ I will not spoil the story but let that one line sink in for a moment—history has its eyes on you. What does that mean to you?

For me, it means that everything that I do (or don’t do) is recorded in history. I make a mark on the world whether I mean to or not. The things I stood for or stood by for are forever part of where we are today. A complimentary line from Hamilton goes, ‘you have no control: who lives, who dies, who tells your story.’ We know not the time and place that determines our end and that means that what we do– the legacy we leave to the world, is a story to be told by someone who we’ve impacted in life. Good or bad, who will tell your story? What will your story be about?

These are crucial questions to ask yourself because no matter what type of person you believe yourself to be, you will never know who you are unless you reflect on how you present yourself to others. People love or hate you based on how you treat them. Your children look up to you and their behavior is largely impacted by what they’ve seen in you.

History has its eyes on you. 

Are you a person who sits back and watch the world turn or a person who helps push the world around?

Are you one who keeps your opinions to yourself out of fear of being judged or a person who speaks their mind in efforts to bring about change?

Do you cause trouble for others or help others out of trouble?

History has its eyes on you and your actions or inactions are being written for the world to see.

Who tells your story?

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