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As the holiday season continues, take a good look at the people around you, specifically the people who help you on a daily basis. There are so many people in your life that work really hard to make your life easier. I want to talk about two of them.

The two people in most our lives that I want to talk about is teachers and mail carriers.

Whether you are in school or you have children in school, teachers are a vital part of life. Most teachers give much of their lives to making sure they provide educational value. Specifically for parents, teachers are responsible for you children for seven plus hours a day, five days a week. The attitudes and bad behavior you see for a few hours a day is something a teacher needs to deal with times the number of children they have in a classroom. Your child may be picking up bad behavior from other children but they are also showing their friends their bad behavior. An African proverb states, ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ The teacher can not do it all themselves but there are times when they are forced to and some of them take on the challenge while others do not have the resources to perform their jobs well. 

Our mail carriers are responsible for delivering our messages across the world. They do this six days a week in all types of weather and deal with numerous individuals and their households. Our mail carriers get to know us through our mail and packages. Over the years, they become like family because they learn our daily habits just by delivering mail. There are even times when they know something is wrong just by changes in our habits and routines. They save lives and put their own lives at risk every day. It may not seem like an important job but I know that I appreciate when my mail carrier brings my Amazon packages.

In both cases, their work is not appreciated as it should be. We should make their lives easier yet somehow we can find that our actions make their lives harder. We all chose the jobs we have. Even if you feel that you didn’t have a choice in where you work, you do. No matter though because we should all give our all in whatever we do while appreciating those who give their all to us.

So, I began this blog with, we need to think about those who help us in life and show our appreciation. Every job has its challenges and if we all took care in looking at life through the prospective of others, we will gain an understanding and appreciation for the work performed by others. 

This holiday season, I will show the people in my life how much I appreciate the work they do in making my life better and more tolerable. Who will you uplift in gratitude?

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