Worry about Yourself

The title of this blog post refers to something I often tell my daughter when she gets bothered by negativity aimed at her. Her little brother likes to say and do things to get a rise from her and she always give in and thus continues the cycle of annoyance.

I love to write. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I may not be the most eloquent writer. I’m okay with that. I may never be a recognized writer yet that doesn’t stop me from writing. I am not in competition with anyone but myself. If my writing improves, then I am doing well. Criticisms may come my way but there is no reason to give life to it.

Responding to negativity, like gossip or slander, is second nature for most people. We feel like we need to set the record straight in order for the world to be right again, which is rarely the case. Responding to outside influences takes power from your hands and gives it away. It gives permission to continue to cause dismay in your life.

Today and going forward, worry about yourself. Don’t give life to those influences that want to break you down. Let those influences know that you are in charge of your destiny and from there, practice a little self-care. This is something you will need to be cognizant of on a moment-to-moment basis but if we all just worry about ourselves, it becomes easier to lift each other up.

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