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Drive your own dream

As I prepare to self-publish my second novel, I realize how I let my indolence (mostly sluggish because of my ignorance in the indie author process) control my attitude towards reaching towards my dream. For my first novel release, instead of giving into my excitement and learning the process for myself, I allowed someone else to do it for me.

Through my indolence, I put my dream in someone else’s hands. When my novel was released, I was excited but didn’t feel fulfilled. I was grateful but my thoughts kept coming back to feeling defeated about not putting in the work for myself. At that moment, I vowed that I would learn the process and publish my own work.

I have to say that when I put my mind to it and really worked through each phase of self-publishing my work, my motivation grew and my laziness disappeared. I took my time, giving myself the leeway I needed to handle life, and kept creeping forward.

Many of us go through life with dreams and aspirations but lack the attitude and motivation to make them happen. Life happens and we lose the drive to push through towards bringing our dreams come to fruition. This creates regret in our soul and no matter how far away we get from the dream, our thoughts will always return to the unfulfilled dream.

The adventure is in the process. Achieving your dreams are most satisfying when you live in the moment and bring it to life. In the business of dreams, make sure you are in the driver seat, watching the scenery go by as the past falls behind you and the future bringing a smile to your face.

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