Equanimity, Freedom, Thoughts

When the door won’t open, try another way in.

Imagine with me.

You are at point A and you want to get to point B. You map out your path and know all the stops you’ll need to make as you strive towards your destination. You pack everything you know you will need and carry around an open mind because you are aware that there are items will need to gather along the way.

You begin walking down the path with confidence etched in your step. Before long, your first obstacle challenges your will but because you are confident, you defeat that obstacle and keep moving forward. You still have a pep in your step but your eyes are constantly in motion, suspecting more obstacles will encroach on your journey.

And they do.

With each intrusion, your confidence wanes. You’re no longer traveling as fast and doubt seeps into your mind, invading the very piece of you that drives your desire to get to point B. You stop and look around, wondering how you got where you are and if you should try to reach a different destination…

At this point, in most journeys, there is so much doubt that we wish we had never set out on the journey; that we had remained within our comforts and not tried something new. Sometimes, there are just so many zigzags in the journey that we feel like we made a mistake and we will never reach the destination.

When you’re on a journey and the path gets rough, remember that the journey is yours and the obstacles are there to prepare you to have the strength for the next steps in your life. Some times the path you choose is not the path chosen for you. Just remember, if the door doesn’t open, there is another way in.

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