Equanimity, Freedom, Thoughts


Love is a word that is thrown around so carelessly that we forget what the word really means. But like with all other words, the word ‘love’ remains meaningless until we put actions behind them.

The action of love requires that we share pieces of ourselves with others in a way that we expect are shared with us. Our pets love us and show us love but snuggling, allowing us to pet them and just being there despite their natural instincts.

When we love others, we appreciate them for who they are and don’t try to change them to fit into societal molds. Too many times we profess our love with conditions. Conditional love fails when the conditions are not met. The actual act of love is not meant to fail and cannot be broken. When we love without condition, we begin to understand that difference and unique attributes each person possess brings about harmony to the world.

The world we live in is run by conditional love. We state that we will love if a person is this or if a person is that. Where is the love where we accept each person as they are or welcome them in their hour of need? Some do but without the cooperation of the whole, there can never be unconditional love.

There is always a reason to love someone as they are. There is always something beautiful about someone different from you. Open your heart and find the love that you wish to have given to you.

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