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Lately, I have seen many of my mom friends posting memes or pictures containing a quote similar to: “Don’t tell mom she looks tired because she already knows. Tell her she’s doing a great job because she may not know.”

It’s true. We go about our lives, thinking the worse of ourselves. We only see the low points and the negative aspects of our lives and we can completely miss the greatness we contribute to the lives of those around us.

I recently had a string of people telling me how they didn’t see how I did all the things that I did and still keep a smile on my face. I tell them that I am exhausted but I do what I do for the people I love. They always end with admiration and appreciation for my dedication but I find that I never accept their words. I just go about life criticizing myself for the things that I can’t do or missed opportunities and wish for more energy and time.

We do a good enough job doubting and putting ourselves down that if someone says something negative about us, we immediately know if it’s true or not. But if something positive is spoken, we waved it off as if they are the ones living in a fantasy land. I realized last night that I need to start listening to those around me and seeing in me what they see.

We all have our personal struggles but the underline is the same: we work hard for what we need and want and should treat ourselves better. Today, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are strong, you are beautiful, you are powerful and you are doing a Great Job!

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