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Shattered Dreams

Like the rest of the world, I have had dreams that have died and ripped holes into my heart. It hurts when your dreams can be destroyed by single moments or the inability to perform. The world is filled with people who tell you “if you work hard enough, your dreams can come true.” There are times when that statement is true but there are also times when that statement is so false that it leaves you feeling inadequate and disappointed in yourself.

I’ve come to realize that in this life, we are not meant to achieve everything we dream. It’s just a fact. Can you imagine a world where we all accomplish our every dream? It may sound like a great world but I believe that is not how the world should be set up. Think about it: When we were kids, we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up and we usually answered based on the career path chosen by someone we knew, seen or admired.

We dreamed based on the successes of others. If we all achieved our dreams, we would most likely lose some of our diversity and the things that make this world and the human race unique. Our dreams would not be based upon our heart’s desires but upon what is obtained by others. We could also lose the accidental dreams that occur while we are working hard at the dreams that are not meant to be.

My life is filled with shattered dreams. I am a dreamer. I have wanted more things to come to light more than the life I have in my body. But no matter how badly I wanted them, things have rarely worked in my favor. I wanted to be a doctor but I was no good in science. I was a dancer for most of my life but I knew I would never be a professional dancer. I had assumed that I was in good shape so when I joined the Army, I would be okay but that wasn’t in my plan either. I was injured and had to leave to pursue other ventures.

So many accidental dreams came true because of my shattered ones. I have a career in IT because of my love of science. I may not have been great at chemistry but by trying other sciences, I learned and appreciated computer science. I attended a different college than intended after my short military career and because of that, the internships I was able to obtain led me to my first job, away from home. I may not have left home if I had attended college as first planned. I found my husband and fulfilled my dream of having a family.

The point I want to make is for us to never let those shattered dreams keep us away from the things that are meant for us. Failure doesn’t mean you are no good; failure means that you tried something and it prepared you for the next phase of your life. Be a dreamer. When one of your dreams don’t come true, bury it and keep dreaming.

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