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To teach is to learn

The saying goes: “Those who do, do, those who can’t, teach.” George Bernard Shaw wrote this in 1903 and it has remained with the world but contradicts the teaching profession profoundly.

I began with that quote because I have been absent from my blog for some time. The reason is because I had lost my way. The death of my mother changed how I viewed the world and I have been searching for a doer to help me get back on my path.

I wanted someone who had lost their mother to show me how to live without mine. I found no such person in the world. It seems that most, if not all, who have lost parents are getting by but barely.

Before my mom past, I was on a spiritual journey. I was discovering more about my higher self and the Divine energy around us. It wasn’t that I lost faith in my higher power; it was that I lost faith in myself. My searching for an external source for help took me further from my path but it was the influence of my spiritual guides that helped me see that I need to look internally for comfort and help.

In order to teach, you must first understand the concepts that you are to explain. In order to understand, you must perform. Teachers are first doers and it is the heart that turns them into teachers.

In my absence, I became a teacher of sorts. Teachers don’t just teach others. They often educate themselves so that they are most effective. I understand spiritual concepts. I know how to perform and connect with spirit. I have finally found my path and aligned my heart to reach out to my inner self and learn how to heal.

Teaching is a lifetime of learning and sharing from the heart. What concepts are you teaching others in your life? Look within xx

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