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Having Faith

Today’s wisdom from Rumi is about faith.

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.” Rumi

There are many forms of faith. Those who believe in a higher power; those who believe in themselves; those who believe in others. A belief in anything requires faith. Without faith, we would only believe the things in front of our eyes.

I began this year by making a vision board. I have never seriously considered the content of a vision board but I decided that this year, I would focus on being a better me. Even when I had a frozen pipe that led to water damage in my home, I never lost sight of what I envisioned for my year.

My vision board has many goals for the year but one that spoke to me deeply was the cutout of step 3 of the article, 5 Things to do to spark creativity by Cara Brookins. The step, commit then figure it out, focused on having the strength to follow through even when you don’t have all the plans and steps laid out in front of you. It began with a personal story from Cara about her decision to build a house with her kids without prior knowledge of carpentry. She stated that she knew how to hammer a nail so she would go from there.

Just because a path doesn’t seem clear, doesn’t mean that once you clear the first step, clarity won’t become more apparent. There are so many influential people in the world who took leaps of faith to get to where they are today. Anyone who have ever opened a business, interviewed for a job, gotten on an airplane, knows the amount of faith one must have. Some times faith comes easy, a natural occurrence based on experience. Other times, we have to dig deep to allow ourselves the freedom to believe in the unknown.

Today, I remind you to dig deep and have faith. Your path is yours and though it is foggy in the distance, the picture will become clear as you keep moving forward.

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