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Be the Protagonist

Today’s inspiration from Rumi is about being the center of your own stories.

“Don’t be satisfied with stories. How things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” Rumi

It’s so easy to get wrapped up into the drama of others. It’s like a magnet that draws us into every detail to a point where we forget ourselves.

Being involved in the stories of others enforces our desires to compare ourselves with them and makes us believe that the lives of others are better or more interesting than our own. Facebook is my singular place where I can find out so much about what other people are doing (or what they want me to perceive them doing). I took a break from Facebook last year because it became too much and began to consume too much of my time. Time is so precious and if time is spent checking in on other people and their live, what time is left for your life?

We need to remember to be the center of our own story. We should not make our lives about other people, especially about those who would not do the same for us. Yes, there are times when you must have a different focal point. Being a parent is one of those times where the needs of others come before your own. This is a chapter in your life and although you may not be the focus of that chapter, you are still the main character of your story. If someone was to read that chapter, they would read about how you raise, encourage and interact with your children. They would see the impact you had in the people they were to become.

Remember, everyone has a story. Some people paint a rosy picture of their story but no matter what is portrayed, we all the five main pieces that make up the plot of our lives. Become content on creating the masterpiece, which is your life. It is your choice on what your your story will be and I hope you play a leading role.


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