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The importance of regular maintenance

If you’ve ever owned property, you understand the importance of keeping that property maintained. If you have a car, you make sure to keep the oil clean and gas in the tank. For your home, there is an endless list of items to maintain but if done properly, the benefits outweigh the compact maintenance schedule.

Think of your body as a house. You have many systems that require regular check-ins to ensure they are performing optimally. If you skip doctor appointments, you fall behind in your maintenance schedule and could possibly miss a problem that a doctor can help diagnose.

Not only are doctor appointments important, every day maintenance is probably more important to maintain. Our diet, exercise and sleep regimens are essential to our level of functionality. We must get the proper food, drink, movement and sleep or we are not at our best.

The problem is that life doesn’t afford us the time or energy to do it all but one other thing that you can do is take time out for yourself. Sometimes we need to recharge to reset our minds to help get life on track. There is no shame in needing a timeout. I laid in bed most of Sunday because I felt like I was empty. It felt good to lay there, read a book and take an afternoon nap.

I’ve always felt like I had to go here and there, and do this and that. I still feel remorse for not taking my children to every local event that I know they will enjoy but then I remember, I didn’t have that growing up and have great experiences under my belt.

Live your life to the fullest but remember to take care of yourself. You are the only one of you so take time outs when your body says its tired.

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