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Manifest through Accountability

I have had a naive view of how the world works. I have evolved this view but still, maintained some of the child-like fantasy about human nature. Once upon a time, I believed if I worked hard at my job, I would be recognized and promoted based on my skill and dedication. I also thought that if I communicated how I felt about mistreatment or tell people how I’d like to be treated, they would hear me and respect me. I have learned the hard way that it is not always the case.

I read a post recently on Facebook that reminded me that I am at the heart of my own suffering. It stated that we play a role in our own suffering and that we need to be accountable for what we will or will not tolerate. I have never thought about accountability in this way. My narrow definition of accountability was that we needed to be mindful of our moral actions: our outgoing energy. But it makes sense that we also need to be accountable for the incoming energy too.

I used to try and understand people instead of taking myself out of situations where I didn’t belong. I thought I was accepting people as they were if I understood why they did what they did, and was able to find a way to continue with them in my life.

This thought process definitely caused disharmony within and around me. I felt the suffering but believed it was all part of life. It was the people-pleasing part of me looking for solutions that worked for everyone. I wanted to make sure everyone was happy with my decisions, not realizing that I was not taking accountability for my life or happiness.

It is an impossibility to make everyone happy, which is the reason that happiness should start from within. If everyone took accountability for manifesting their happiness, instead of looking for it in external sources, the world would be a better place.

The clarity I received from that post has helped me further break down my naivete. When trying to manifest anything, accountability is at the center. It helps us have clear intentions and a focus on the future we want for ourselves. How can I manifest better interactions with people if my energy is stuck trying to maintain situations where there is disharmony? I would be doomed to repeat these crippling patterns without accountability. I need to make decisions that make sense to me and my life because I am the one who has to live it.

The next time you want to manifest change in your life, remember it starts with you.

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