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Nobody Greater

There is a song called ‘Nobody Greater’ by VaShawn Mitchell that sparked a realization within me. The lyrics go:

 I climbed up to the highest mountain, looked all around, couldn’t find nobody.
Went down into the deepest valley, looked all around down there, couldn’t find nobody.

I've heard this song many many times over but for some reason, this last time, I received the thought: You are on the mountain alone. You are looking for something unseen.

I went across the deep blue sea, couldn’t find one to compare;
To your grace, your love, and mercy… Nobody greater, nobody greater than you

When I got to the above part, I pointed to myself. It was not meant to be a cocky statement. Look at yourself. Is there anyone greater than you? Is there anyone else in the world that can do things in the ways that you can? NO!

Finally, the chorus goes:

Searched all over, couldn’t find nobody. I looked high and low, but still couldn’t find nobody. Nobody greater, nobody greater no, nobody greater than you.

When we search for things externally and in material things, we are usually disappointed. What we are looking for is something that resonates with what is in our hearts. The song is talking about Jesus. I don’t want to take away from the meaning the lyrist has for the song but these are my thoughts. Jesus is known to be the third in the trinity, true love, and God incarnate. If God made us in their image and Jesus is God portrayed in human form, I believe that God is within us all.

My belief, since I was a child, has been that Jesus was not to be a martyr but an example of the power that we all possess. Jesus came to show us our potential but because we have a tradition of looking externally for fulfillment, we missed the point.

There is nobody greater than you. You are grace. You are love. You are mercy. The reason we can’t find anyone like ourselves is because we are supposed to search within to find our answers. We all have power within us. If we all saw our own greatness, we could easily recognize God in every person.

Life isn’t about keeping up with the Joneses or being in competition with someone you think is greater. You wouldn’t even think others were greater if you saw yourself for who you really are. We all have a journey to embark upon that is personal and unique. You are the only one who can walk in your shoes. So when you walk in the world, remember, that there is nobody greater than you.

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