Equanimity, Thoughts

Leggo that ego!

I am so exhausted of egos (as I speak egotistically). Everyone thinks that their individual needs are more important. We are all equal. We all deserve equal consideration from everyone.

Most causes aim to raise awareness and money to support research and cures or share knowledge where there is a lack of knowledge. On the other hand, there are so many go fund me or personal interest causes that are counterintuitive to their “missions.” I wrote missions in quotation marks because some missions are more personal (victim or savior mentality) and not focused on helping the affected group as a whole. Any time someone is playing a victim/savior role for a cause is, in my opinion, not trying to raise anything but their ego.

It’s difficult to tell the difference between helpful to other for their sake or if you are just feeding your own ego. I’ve read a few things about egos and it is my understanding that any judgment, good or bad, is the ego talking. I deal with this struggle all the time. Think about it,  any time sentences like: “I like…” or “I hate…,” especially when you are referring others, are engaging the selfish ego center. It’s like you are letting the world know that someone is doing or going against what you consider right/wrong. I want to be helpful to others and it makes me feel good being helpful but I always try to make sure that the reason I am doing anything is because I felt the need in my heart. There is a voice in my head that translates what my heart feels. Am I nice/helpful all the time? Absolutely not… I’m human for crying out loud. But I aim to shut my ego down whenever I feel like I am imposing my beliefs onto someone else.

I want to live in a world that accepts people as they are and celebrates the differences each individual brings to the world. Letting go of the ego helps bring us one step closer to harmony.

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