Equanimity, Thoughts

The pain is real… intentions aside.

The world is filled with so much diversity. Some people are very considerate of others while others are only considerate of themselves.

I feel like people with consideration and empathy are a dying breed. When the world lack empathy, we lack the human capacity to understand emotion. We become consumed in our own feelings; our own needs and wants, that we forget to consider those same elements of life for other people.

One of my top pet peeves is when a person hurts your feelings and you express that deep pain but all they have as a response is “That was not my intention.”

Announcing your intentions does nothing for hurt feelings. If anything, it bring about anger for the lack of empathy and care. I don’t feel like its an acceptable apology for poorly handling a situation and it only creates suspicion and walls between people.

People need to stop accepting “That was not my intention” as an apology. Some of the people who respond in that way knows the power those few words have and use it to make sure their needs and wants are realized, without considering what their needs and wants will make others feel.

Can you imagine a world where each person thought of others above themselves? No one would need to walk into the world and think of themselves as alone. Forgetful people, like myself, would not need to feel insecure when they forget a necessary item at home. We would be able to rely on each other to be considerate, but also kind and empathetic to our situation. The world wouldn’t be perfect but I would hope that the ones who say, “That was not my intention,” would continue that line with a sincere apology and a self reflection in how not to do it in the future. Trust would be restore in the fellow human being and more happiness would be spread.

Why is it so hard to take responsibility for hurting others and trying to imagine what it’s like in their shoes? Taking responsibility leads to personal growth. Understanding what was done wrong and what you can do better next time, creates awareness outside of one’s body.

Can you imagine a world where the intentions were to erase pain instead of cause it?

Wouldn’t it be nice?

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