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Open up

Today’s inspiration from Rumi is about speaking up for yourself and your beliefs. Silence can be deafening and the answer to everything you are against.

“Open your hands if you want to be held.”

This quote for me is similar to the quote, “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.” It is next to impossible to get your needs or wants fulfilled without first making it known that you have that need or want. The baby bird would die of hunger if he does not open is mouth when his mama returns with sustenance.

This quote can be applied to almost everything. There are people out there who refuse to vote and get upset with the results of an election. Some people crave a change in their career but will not verbalize or do what is necessary to make the change they so seek. How can you expect the world to give you your heart’s desires if no one knows what you desire.

The same can be said about the desire to change the world. You can not expect change to occur around you when your silence speaks out against it. Speak up and speak out! Let it be known that you are against the mistreatment of others. Be unafraid of backlash for being on the side of justice. Trust that your voice will be joined by others who believe as you believe. Create a desire to be heard and understood.

You hold the power over your desires. Sound off and let it be known that you know yourself and your beliefs. Will you open your hands?

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