Love is…

Love is…

Saying you’re sorry when you’re wrong… awww, cute.

I want to talk about what love is really is. Love is many things but above everything, it is one of the strongest emotions, that in my opinion encompasses all other emotions.

Love is picking up the phone to call or text your significant other just because you need to remind them of something that you know they have already forgotten.

Love is sitting, watching television with your significant other even though you would rather be reading a book or writing.

Love is being silly around your significant other because really who else is going to let you be your silly self?

Love is being slightly upset with your significant other but telling them you are really REALLY mad just so they could hug you and kiss you more than usual.

Love is meeting up with your friends for dinner and talking about your significant other the whole time, while your friends make a mental note not to invite you out again.

Love is the strong desire to assassinate your significant other all because they did one more stupid thing and you think you’ve had enough but find there is a little room for more. I can write a whole blog post on how I knew I loved my husband all because I wanted to kill him. Not really kill him but Homer strangling Bart kind of kill him.

Love brings out the strongest emotions. The average person, like myself, don’t really want to bring harm to their significant other but having an emotion like that arise, to me, means that you care and want the relationship to work.

There were times where, if the feeling of strangling him didn’t occur, I could have just walked away. It was almost like I wanted to beat my love into him. But, I still saw the beauty of his soul and knew that the love was still there as the foundation for all my emotions towards him.

Whether your significant other brings you to tears (anger or sad), or has you doubled over (in sickness or laughter), if you look at them and see the beauty of their soul, it means that you are willing to fight for love.

Some people in relationships argue all the time and people on the outside see this as a bad thing. It can be a horrible thing but if both parties are fighting for love, it’s a fight to get on the same wavelength.

Love is being selfless. Love is accepting another person for who they are, flaws and perfections. Love is a two-sided affair; you can’t have love without two people being in it.–there’s another word entirely for one-sided love.

Love is… being able to feel a whirlwind of emotions but still see the beauty in another human soul.

So, find the one you want to kill because that will be the love you won’t want to die.

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