Grief’s block

After losing my mother in August of 2019, I have literally been unable to put pen to paper or hand to keyboard. When 2019 began, I had so many ideas and projects I wanted to complete in the next few years. I have novels, short stories and submissions in mind but just can’t bring myself to take the time and write.

Losing my mother put a stop to any motivation I had for anything I wanted to accomplish. My heart is simply too broken to continue. I know I am describing depression and the grieving process but if I allow myself to think of myself as depressed or grieving, I won’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For my sanity, I have coined a new term — Grief’s block. Grief’s block is very similar to writer’s block but instead of only blocking words and a writer’s ability to create literary masterpieces, it blocks one’s ability to do perform actions even when said person can and wants to perform. As you can see, I have cracked through my grief’s block just a little. I had to share my thoughts about grief and the new term in case someone may find it helpful.

Using the term “grief’s block” makes me feel like I’m in a temporary place. It makes me feel like I can line my grief up and knock it down like dominoes. Today I am stronger and one step closer to beating my grief’s block.

No matter what you’re going through, line it up and knock it down one by one.

7 thoughts on “Grief’s block”

  1. I am happy for you that you coined “grief’s block.” This is exactly what happened to me after my mother died. I was a student then and could not write. I would sit at the typewriter for days. I cannot remember when I was finally able to write again. I am glad you chipped away some of the block, Jennifer.

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