Equanimity, Thoughts

Find security within yourself

We are currently living in uncertain times yet I find myself feeling more certain about being myself. Letting go of my insecurities is a beautiful process. I feel a load lightening and more free to speak my inner thoughts and feelings.

I rarely let people in and now I say: ‘forget that.’ life is too short to be living behind a mask. Now that we are sanctioned to wear masks, I can physically experience how smothering it is to hide; not to mention how wearing a mask fogs my vision.

Last night, I had the great honor of ring interviewed by the CEO and co-founder of African Ancestry. This would have never occurred with the old me, the sheltered me. But as I spoke about my ancestral journey and what it meant to find my paternal and maternal roots, I felt another piece of my mask fall.

Photo by Laurentiu Robu on Pexels.com

It wasn’t the fact that I was speaking with someone who runs the company that helped me discover my African clans, it was the fact that I spoke from my heart and I spoke freely about myself and made an impact to those listening.

My strength came from within and permeated the world. I was me and I was accepted as such. In times like these, it is important to wear your physical masks but most important to shed your self-imposed internal mask. There is no reason to hide the beauty, which is you. Show the world who you are and the world will thank you.

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