Equanimity, Freedom, Thoughts


The weight of the world is held in silence.

The path to knowledge begins in silence.

Many times, our power is in our ability to be silent.

This year has been a transformative year for me, and it’s only August. For much of my life, I have been a silent observer. Somehow in recent years, I became just silent, but I learned an important lesson that has elevated my soul. Not only must we be diligent in our silence, but we must also use discernment and take calculated steps in silence.

I learned this year that love isn’t supposed to hurt. Yes, universally, I knew this information but time and manipulation made me forget that this also applies to me. I was not diligent in my silence; I was forcefully suppressed.

Let me take a step back. I was not forced. I willingly gave my power away, which stripped me of my voice. I willingly tip-toed through life, making myself small so that I could maintain the silence. I was not successful much of the time and was subjected to raging noise but as long as I retreated into the silence, I found respite.

It was exhausting. It got to the point where I could no longer maintain life with brief intermissions. This caused me to revert to my natural self. I took a step back into my world of silent observation. I realized that when I am silent and observing, the truth can’t be masked. It was when I stopped listening to the words spoken that my soul could feel the veil drop, exposing true nature.

In silence, I observed what I could not recognize before. This time, I was not fooled into believing in an alternate reality but was able to maintain my own reality. I listened to and followed my intuition and it led me to break free from my prison and take back my power.

In silence, we heed the warnings, we see the truth and we move in our power. Some people run away from the silence because the truth is not easy for everyone to accept. But not allowing ourselves to sit in our silence can permit any and everyone to take advantage of our power.

The balance in life is to be silent but not so silent that your power is up for grabs. I am now in a space where I am healing and dealing with my triggered state while giving myself grace during the process. Nevertheless, the events in my memories do not define me. My present state is aware and diligently observing in silence.

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