Know Thyself

This journey towards equanimity is about becoming authentically me and healing past wounds. Recently, I discovered more about myself by completing my chart of origin with archetypes. Archetypes are patterns of behavior that, when placed in the 12 houses of the chart of origin, can help you understand your behaviors in the 12 significant areas of life.

I use Caroline Myss’ definition of archetypes. There are over 70 different archetypes. Choosing your archetypes can be intense because you must take those 70 archetypes and decide which 12 represent your soul. There are four archetypes that every person possesses, so essentially, you need to figure out the remaining eight archetypes that complete your chart.

Once you have your 12, you must place them in their houses. The 12 houses are personality/ego, life values, self-expression/siblings, home, creativity/good fortune, occupation/health, relationships, other people’s resources, spirituality, highest potential, interaction with the world, and the unconscious. Armed with the archetype and the chart, you can learn much about who you are and what makes sense when dealing with the world.

In trying to learn more about myself, I journaled and used my chart to validate my past experiences, emotions, and current decisions. I learned how I ticked and the best ways to handle the significant areas in life. When you truly know yourself, shadow and all, you can accept your past, accept all parts of you, and live your best life by your own definition.

If you want to live life to the fullest, take the time to know yourself and become authentically you.

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