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Building upon love…

I am always looking for ways to connect with my kids. Most days we have dance parties at home… I mean who doesn’t like to dance???

My son loves dinosaurs so there are times when you catch me roaring and walking around like a purple t-Rex with horns; his creation not mine.

When it comes to my daughter, it’s much more difficult to connect because she’s into so many things and it’s hard to keep up. But over the weekend, I think I found something we can both do together and really enjoy it!

She’s only six but has always enjoyed writings. I too enjoy writing… I recently rediscovered some short stories I wrote in middle school and shared them with her. She thought they were hilarious and I tried to understand my young brain.

I found an article about how to foster a love for reading and one of the activities was writing stories. I stapled some paper together and me and my kids wrote stories together.

It was the greatest time together and I truly believe it brought us closer together.

My life is about finding joy and I am learning that my joy is found in building my relationship with my family through their interests. Making them happy is my way of building upon love.

Who will you build with today?

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