Equanimity, Thoughts

Live meaningfully.

I love Facebook. I love Instagram and boy do I love Snapchat filters!!! Every day, after the gym, I check-in for charity and this notifies all my “friends” of where I was and approximately when. My kids do something cute and amazing, I have to share with the world! Some time I get complete satisfaction in knowing that people are reading something about me. That for a second, a tiny second, there is a number of people thinking about me. I post random thoughts and actions. I post things because I like when I receive likes. I feel connected to people, most of whom I have known for many years but a large number of folks that I barely know. Social media is a great way to stay connected to people especially people not located close to you but did you notice the number of times that I used the words “I” “my” and “me”?
I recently decided to take a further step back from Facebook. A couple months ago, I turned off my notifications and only check-in for charity whenever I worked out. I really started seeing the nonsense, the lies and the hiding behind words people post throughout the day. I believe it was also the constant tweeting that the current President does that turned my stomach and made me want to be a more productive member of society. Social media is contributing to our self-centeredness and our exploding egos. For some people, it has also contributed to self-hatred, jealousy, envy and depression. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the pretend world of social media where life is seen through rose colored glasses and everyone wears the mask of societal perfection.
What I want to understand is, why is that important? Why do we feel the need to impress others by trying to live under the mask of societal perfection? All this does is serve as deception to those we should be helping and loving. I keep the verse, “do to others as you would have them do to you (Luke 6:31),” in the front of my mind. I try to always remember to be kind and honest because like Karma, if you share positivity and truth, you hope to receive positivity and true. Sharing negativity and false positives only causes pain. This also includes when you lie to yourself about the truth. You only hurt yourself when you can’t see past your own faults.
I started my blog because I wanted to share my random mind with anyone who would listen. I am terrified of being judged by my beliefs but the computer screen protects me and dulls my fears. I realized today that I actually don’t care if anyone reads my blog. I came to this realization because I don’t know if anyone read my post a few weeks ago and I am actually not broken hearted about it. This blog is a way to get my thoughts out where I can see and touch them. My mind is an ever moving rolodex and without writing, my posts would be just passing thoughts, never to be heard of again. I write in fear that I will lose myself because there are times I am unable to recall memories. I also realize that sometimes I am put in situations where I could really help someone but I keep my thoughts to myself in fear of being wrong or judged and this is a way that I can help. I am reading The Book on Joy and the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu said that we are here on this earth to bring joy and compassion to others. In reading this book, I have come to understand myself more; feel great about being me. I am learning that, like the rest of the world, I am human and I make mistakes and mistakes are part of human nature. I am learning that perfection doesn’t exist but the road to perfection does. I am learning that my faults are okay and as long as I recognize them and seek to be a better person, I will not subject myself to undue stress and anxiety.

We are social beings but our self-centeredness has created a deep loneliness within each of our hearts. For some reason we defend our pain and suffering, telling the world that no one know what we are going through; that no one will truly care for or understand us. In reality, there are millions of people out in the world that feel your pain, sees your sorrow for their own and would be that support that you need. More people would have compassion if given the opportunity and the opportunity only arises when we are all honest with each other. Some hide behind a mask, others put people down to hide their own pain, but we can all rise up if we express ourselves, trust each other and be unafraid of being met with criticism.

No more will I post something on social media with the motivation of getting “likes” or recognition. I want to post so that I can be true to myself and others, be there for anyone who needs some words of encouragement, and write the words that someone is thinking but is afraid to let it out. I want to reveal my inner self to make a connection so that there is at least one person out there that does not feel alone. I want to make every day that I live meaningful.

“… So then I set my intention for the day: that this day should be meaningful. Meaningful means, if possible, serve and help others. If not possible, then at least not to harm others. That’s a meaningful day.” – Dalai Lama, The Book of Joy

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