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Be true to you!

Social media has been a struggle for me recently. As an indie author and blogger, it is up to me to market my products and get noticed. 

I published my first book this year but I haven’t been marketing it as I should. I have been trying to gain more followers so that I could reach more people. But man, it is a full time job! 

I decided that having followers is notify goal in life. I know that unless I am doing something that catches the attention of all, I will not likely gain the numbers required for being “relevant.” Surprisingly, I am okay with that.

My revised mission is to be relevant to myself. I blog in hopes that I will write something that touches the hearts of others. I have done that already and hope that I can do it again.

I am currently partaking in the NANOWRIMO challenge. I have had an idea for a story for a while and I am finally putting it down on paper. The challenge is keeping me accountable for myself and is helping me achieve the goals I have set for 2019. I call this story my baby. I plan to publish this without the help of anyone — meaning I will design the cover and format it (an editor is still a must). 

I find that when I focus on my own truth, I create my own happiness. I am also less likely to look to others as a form of competition. I compete with no one and that is the way I like it.

How do you create your own happiness?

What’s your truth?

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