Equanimity, Spirituality

Stay Grounded

The world is a scary place.

There is no truer statement than the above. There are so many people and things that are not good for us and we many time find ourselves facing these very things. We become imbalanced in our emotions, spirit, mind and body. For me, stress causing me to eat and not sleep. I find myself dwelling on situations, trying to make sense of them. Even when I have a satisfactory resolution, my mind will replay the scenario causing a dark stirring in my soul. Loss has ungrounded me and for a while, I replayed this loss over and over again.

When you’re caught in the cycle of negative thoughts and turmoil in the soul, there is a sense of vertigo throughout the body. I have had continuous issues with staying grounded. Being grounded requires a steady presence in the moment and in high emotional events, it is almost impossible to stay present. Staying grounded requires self-reflection and taking responsibility for your actions. With the size egos we all have now a days, that’s almost an impossibility…


I have been meeting with my spiritual team, which include my ancestors. I am working on my calling, which is to be a spiritual healer and the theme of what I need to work on is grounding. I have no problem with reflection and taking responsibility for my actions but my mind wonders and worries about things endlessly. Experiencing the death of my mother has sent me into a void, losing all touch with Earth and presence of mind and body. But it has all changed and I have never been more grounded.

Along with meditation, I have been focusing on the five principles of Reiki. It has been helping me stay present and grounded. As a Reiki level one and Reiki Crystal practitioner, I have the privilege of having assistance in helping me balance the Yin and Yang in my life. Every morning, after meditation, I recite the principles of Reiki and my subconscious holds the declaration for reference throughout the day.

“Just for today, I will not worry. Just for today, I will not be angry. Just for today, I will be grateful. Just for today, I will do my work honestly. Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.”

We all have parts of ourselves that need improvement. In your journey, if you find you need a little inspiration to get yourself grounded, try reciting the five Reiki principles and see if that helps turn you day around.

Remember, one moment at a time and just for today, find your grounding.

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