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Polarity Within Self

I have recently taken a social media break. What this meant for me is that I stepped away from all my social media accounts and turned my focus into myself. I cannot tell you how much this social media detox has given me but I would encourage social media breaks for mental, emotional and spiritual clarity.

Just before my break, I was introduced to the book titled, The RA Material. A spiritual group I belong to on Facebook decided to have a book club on the Law of One series. I was instantly intrigued. You can find the series for purchase online or here for a quick read. I began with the quick read but purchased the book for easy note taking.

As I stated before, I am on my spiritual journey. One thing that I have learned is everything has a place and a reason for being. All things come at the right time. I learned of this book just in time for my introspection and I am grateful.

I want to write a series of blog posts on the concepts I learned from book one of The RA Material. There were some passages that escaped my understanding while reading online but was opened anew after the purchase of the books. My purpose is to share my learning with you in hopes that you find inspiration.

I will begin with polarity. I have learned on my journey that there is no right or wrong. We all have free will to choose our actions and reactions. The RA Material explains there is no right or wrong, only identity. Our actions of free will originate from service to self or service to others (I’ll have a post on this). Statements like “That’s selfish” or “You’re selfless” are how we express a person being of service to self or service to others.

The thing that will helps us learn the lessons of this lifetime is being polarized within our mind, body and soul. We need to identify both the things we approve and disapprove of within ourselves and accept them all as ourselves. The acceptance will clear away the negative self talk and the judgement we carry about ourselves.

We are in a state of confusion due to our free will. There are many influences but knowing the deepest depth of self will allow us to become polarized. We are not going to always be service to self or service to others. It is in the balance that allows us to grow, learn and teach. The yin and yang principle has been around for a long time but for most of the world, not practiced. The goal isn’t to be perfect or wholly “good,” it is to acknowledge and accept ourselves or as put by RA from The RA Material, love ourselves and have the ability to see the creator/God within.

Once we love ourselves as a whole and see God within, we will begin to do the same as we look out into the world (nature, people, animals, etc.).

The work begins from within.

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