Equanimity, Thoughts

Suffering and peace

I think most people have wondered about their suffering. We all want to know why we go through pain and misery and what purpose, if any, it serves in life.

Most times, we create our own suffering. That’s right, we cause our own pain mostly trying to keep up with the relevance of the times. We do things that we shouldn’t and we covet what others have instead of loving our own. Sometimes we cheat ourselves by taking shortcuts towards goals or get comfortable in a place where we no longer belong, forgetting our goals, which all negatively affects the future outcomes and our actions. We question the purpose of our pain, not knowing that it could have all been avoided if we only listened to our inner voice more closely.

On the other hand, I believe there are some painful experiences that we are meant to endure in order to bring about growth in our soul. There are instances when reacting negatively to growth caused by suffering creates extra suffering and setbacks. But nevertheless, growth always find its way into our lives.

Whether we create our own suffering or it is our suffering meant for growth, there can be positive aspects of any suffering experienced in life. One just needs to be open to looking past the immediate line of sight and see the larger picture.

The fact remains that suffering will happen. There will always be situations thrusted upon us uninvited. Our reaction to experiences out of our control is what determines our peace. Anxiousness and anger are two necessary emotions but ones we should not live in for extended periods of time. Let those emotions pass, then react in positivity and love. See the situation as it is: an opportunity to gain strength and growth and learn from it.

For whatever you may be going through, I hope you find peace and gain strength from knowing that this too shall pass with lessons learned. Life’s a journey, not how fast we can get to the destination and it definitely wouldn’t be worth it with no bumps in the road. Remember to enjoy the ride!

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