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Failure, you are not.

I have never been called a failure. Not everything I do leads to success but by societal definition, I am not a failure. Some people look at others who make “bad” decisions daily as failures, putting them in the category of untouchable, unfit to engage with.

Like all labels, once you fit within one, you are treated as that label would be treated. But the good news is: society is wrong! (wouldn’t be the first time)

One definition of failure is the lack of success. A successful person is a person who has found success across multiple events throughout their lives. If that is true, a person labeled as a failure has failed in multiple events throughout their lives. The terms ‘success’ and ‘failure’ should only be used to describe events or tasks, not people. A quote from Zig Ziglar says it best-

“Failure is an event and not a person.” ~Zig Ziglar

People are  complex beings that can be more than one thing at a time. Success and failure are polar opposites and therefore should not be used to label a person. I can be happy to see my kids but sad about missing a deadline at work; I can have a successful meeting but burn dinner (FAIL). I like to practice what I call situational living. I don’t know if this term exists but I will define my thoughts about it. Situational living is living your life one event at a time. I have some events that I would deem a failure but I have many more that I label as successful. I refuse to let the world decide what I am or label what I’ve done as good or bad. It is my life and as long as my moral compass stays in check, I am the master of my fate.

Take back your life and get rid of the labels thrust upon you! No matter how many failed events you have in your life, you are not a failure. A failed event is an opportunity for growth and growth is a sign of success. No matter where your path takes you, all events will pass and a new day will dawn so that you can start anew.

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