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Money doesn’t buy happiness

I was having a conversation with some religious friends of mine and the topic of money and gambling came up. The women were all against buying power ball tickets because of some scriptures and also felt that it was morally wrong. Of course I was one of the ladies that said there was nothing wrong with it and when I explained my reasoning, they understood and saw my point of view.

Fortune, fame, pay off debt. All reasons are fine and valid but what will more money do for you?

Money is nothing more than currency, something you use to buy goods and service. Life would be completely unsuccessful without it but there is no added value to your life if you have more than enough money. I keep the saying, “the love of money is the root of all evil,” close to my heart because I truly believe that when you concern yourself with money and doing what you can to increase the amount you have, you forget all that is good in you and obsess about material possessions.

It is important to have enough money to survive but there are so many people who live above their means just to keep up with the Joneses. There are only so many things you can use so why do we feel we need to buy so many material goods?

I think about my children and even back to my childhood. Any time a commercial came on showcasing a toy or snack, I needed to have it. It was for no other reason but to have it because I didn’t have it. My son wants everything he sees. When I tell him he doesn’t need it, he tells me that he does because he doesn’t have it already. I link this to when people think the grass is greener on the other side. Seeing the kids play with the toys on the television makes you think that if you had that toy, you’d be that happy too.

In a broader sense, it is my opinion that we buy way more than we need because we are seeking happiness. In order to buy more, we need more money. The more money you have/make, the more stuff you buy and then need more money, thus the cycle continues.

We need to understand that happiness comes from within. The ego will always protect itself so it is impossible to find the happiness we need in others. Most people will not help another person be more successful, better dressed or better looking before they have that opportunity. So if you love yourself first, you won’t need so many material things or impress others with your society approved purchases.

Look within yourself and ask yourself the hard questions: are you being true to yourself? Will this purchase add to your happiness? are you happy?

Like Biggie said, “Mo money, mo problems.” I’d like to keep my problems low… wouldn’t you?

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