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Beware of the EGO invasion

The ego is a fragile and necessary component to our existence. It gives us a sense of self and allow us the ability to interact with the physical world.

In my spiritual journey, I have been learning about how the ego is necessary for the human experience. I believe that we all come from one source or God but when we are here on Earth, we need some level of separation in order to grow and learn.

Enter EGO.

The ego helps us keep the balance between the conscious and the unconscious but it is necessary to have balance between the two worlds. The balance helps us stay connected to the physical world and the spiritual world, providing the bet human experience for our lifetime.

When we are off-balance, we may experience an inflated ego or deflated ego. An inflated ego refers to a person who may be seen as egotistical. These are the people who project false personas, giving the other selves the impression of success and a more “perfect” existence. A deflated ego is seen in people who lack healthy self-esteem and categorizes themselves as less than.

I titled this blog as ‘beware of the ego invasion’ because it is important for us all to know the state of our ego. Many of life’s difficulties are caused by an imbalance of the ego, what I think of as an invasion. Without proper handling of the ego, our mental, physical, spiritual states are invaded with a false sense of self, which can result in the inability to see the power within us.

When we have a sense of our true selves, our light and dark sides, we have the knowledge that our true self is worthy of being expressed in all aspects of our human experience. We sit in our power and connect to the physical and spiritual worlds the way we were intended to connect.

I struggle with ego invasion, specifically deflation, but I have found ways to combat the imbalance. I find that meditation is very helpful when trying to stay in the present moment as well as assist with listening to my higher self. My higher self instructs me to change the narrative. When my ego deflates and I begin to hear thoughts leaning towards inabilities. I stop in my tracks and I tell myself positive and encouraging messages to defeat the invasion.

Speak truth, love and acceptance into yourself and live a balanced life!

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