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Every answer needs the right question

I haI have recently been working on changing my mindset to fit the future I want for myself. I have added mantras, and positive words, and thought patterns. Unfortunately, I still find myself reverting to old patterns, but I visit and never stay there long.

I’ve been challenging myself to remember that I am the author of my destiny. I create my future through my actions and thoughts. Yet, sometimes, we fall into this pattern of ‘why is this happening to me?” This thought path is usually for unfavorable situations that cause us to see ourselves as helpless and choice-less.

I realize that thinking in this way makes us victim to circumstance instead of the driver in all situations. When something positive happens, we don’t automatically ask why it is happening. Instead, we accept it as fate, which in my opinion, is because we believe that only good things are supposed to happen to us.

Growth does not come from positive outcomes. Usually, many neutral or negative consequences teach us what we need to know before achieving a positive outcome.

As a person who wants to grow and be the best version of herself, I have evaluated the instances in which I ask myself, “Why is this happening to me?” This line of questioning does not lead down the road of growth. Everything happens for a reason, and many times the reason does not reveal itself. Therefore, if I expect answers to assist my development, I need to ask the right questions. I shouldn’t be looking for the reason something is happening. I should be asking, “What is this trying to teach me?”

The lesson is what will lead to ah-ha moments and deeper learning of oneself. Learning from a situation will also lead to the reason for situations to happen “to” you. But once you know the lesson behind a situation, the reason won’t matter. Some lessons are more accessible to learn than others but if you are looking for growth, the proper focus, or questions, need to be asked.

Remember, the question is just as important as the answer. The right question will lead you to the solution that gives light on your journey. So be kind to yourself and make sure you always remain in the driver’s seat and stay in control of your destiny.

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