Equanimity, Thoughts

Let’s make America great, again?

Wait, when was America great?? Was it during the times I remember my mom and dad saying when bread cost a quarter? Or the days before seat belts were required? Was it when men were drafted to fight in wars, leaving their families to fend for themselves? Or was it the days when some folks were forced to work for free? Were we great at any of the times a group of people was fighting for some form of freedom?

When was there a time when we were not fighting… fighting a war against racism, injustice, inequality, unfair voting rights, unequal pay, terrorism, etc, etc, etc?

America has, at best, been good while a chosen few have experienced its “greatness.” So what exactly are we saying when we say “Let’s make America great again”? I have yet to see the greatness I know exists somewhere deep in the depths of the land. I think we need to first start with, “Let’s make America great!” Let erase all effects and aftereffects of discrimination. Let’s give everyone access to the opportunities that are afforded by the small percentage of Americans.  Let’s allow people to use whatever restroom they feel comfortable in.. like seriously, what’s the big deal?

I would love to see a united America (the name we were given) where people stop referring to themselves as “us” and others as “them.” We have overly categorized ourselves!!!

An America where we are one and not seen by the color of our skin or the stereotypes of our culture, religion, geographic location or background. I want to live in a country where we don’t have to specify which lives matter because we wouldn’t question the value one life has over another.

Greatness in people comes from the ability to love and value each other’s differences. Greatness is when people understand that every life has meaning and no one has the right to decide worth for other people. Greatness is not passing judgment upon others or bully people based on your personal beliefs. We are different for a reason so embrace it!

America was built on stolen land but we have the potential to give all who live here freedoms taken away so long ago by archaic ideologies based on ignorance.

Let’s make America great because we have the potential to be great. There are so many great things about America that continuously gets shadowed by the ugly truths of our history and repeated of history. Let’s remember our past and forgive and move towards making this a true United States of America. Become self-aware and know that we all play a part in whether we are great or whether we fall. Turn against hate and turn against selfishness and love each other as you would love yourself.

Hate and ignorance is the easy way out so challenge yourself to be better so that we can make America great… finally!

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