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Live for you… not for others to approve.

inspirational-life-quoteI can not go on social media now a days without seeing posts from those for or against Trump becoming president. Actually, every thing on social media is in response to something someone has or hasn’t done or said or didn’t say.

It’s exhausting to see so many people pass judgement on others without taking a good look in the mirror. I am not immune to that fact because I catch myself in judgement of others and reprimand myself for such deeds.

Yesterday in church, a woman, who I’ve seen time and time again, gave her testimony. She spoke of so many hardships she had been facing and I was amazed by her strength. It just made me think about the world and how ugly it was. I was happy that I never judge this woman at any point and just felt instant admiration for a person who has never shown any indications of pain, weakness or struggle. I thought about how there are millions of people in the same boat, doing the same thing she is doing. The world judges them because they don’t fit into the social norms and expectations, masking their own misery by pointing out the same in others. How did the world come to this? Who decided that it was okay to shame people for working with the cards they were dealt?

I am afraid to unmask my true struggles because I fear I am not strong enough to handle the backlash from the world. Most of my struggles stem from my inability to live my life for myself but wearing a mask seems like the only way to make it though life.

We all need to listen more and talk less. We can not possibly know a situation unless we are part of the problem or solution. We don’t need everyone to back us up in everything we believe in. We all have our own minds and should be allowed to be ourselves. Diversity is a beautiful thing! We all love to compare and contrast everything little thing without full knowledge and we shun people who are different. Why? There is so much to learn and love and we are set on limiting ourselves.

Being a Christian, I often feel like I’m on the outside of my religion. I am never one to reach out and try to convert anyone to Christianity. The way I understood it is that we are to live by example so that others would want to live as I live. I would never try and  “force” my religious views on anyone. Christianity, like all things, is not for everyone… That’s why there are choices.

Life is about making choices. Since we are all individuals and no two people are the same, we need to be allowed to make choices that fit into our lives and not worry about what others may say, think or do if they oppose. Some choices will be good and others will be bad but it’s about the journey, not making sure to pick the choices that will make society happy. The world needs to also understand that some choices we make do not always make up who we are. All of my bad choices do not make me a bad person and vice versa. I am me and whatever comes next after this life is not for anyone in this world to determine.

Ultimately, we all need to stay in our own lane and stop passing judgement on others. Imagine how great life would be if we were all free.


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