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You v.s. You + the world

There are so many things stacked against us… each one of us. There is no one person or group of people excluded. No matter what subgroup of human being you identify yourself as, you and the world is against you. The world says that beauty is thin and fair-skinned. You hate yourself because your image… Continue reading You v.s. You + the world

Equanimity, freedom, Thoughts

What motivates you?

I’ve had a few “woe is me” moments in the past few weeks. I have been feeling down because I was feeling alone. I felt like I hadn’t a friend in the world and that the troubles on my shoulders were getting larger and larger because I was taking in the emotions of others around… Continue reading What motivates you?


Ignorance is NOT bliss…

My first job  was at Planned Parenthood. I am talking about my very first job EVER! I started my working career as a peer educator. In New York State, you are required to first obtain your working papers in order to receive a paycheck. I wasn't even old enough to have working papers so I… Continue reading Ignorance is NOT bliss…

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Live for you… not for others to approve.

I can not go on social media now a days without seeing posts from those for or against Trump becoming president. Actually, every thing on social media is in response to something someone has or hasn't done or said or didn't say. It's exhausting to see so many people pass judgement on others without taking a good… Continue reading Live for you… not for others to approve.


Someone Knows my Name…

I am in the middle of reading this wonderfully painful book titled Someone knows my name by Lawrence Hill. This book is a fiction based on a historic document called ‘The book of Negros,’ which lists over three thousand names of black loyalist to the British who were relocated to Nova Scotia, Canada. This story shatters my… Continue reading Someone Knows my Name…