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Labels = data. Data = Thirst for Knowledge.

I was thinking about how we love our labels. It seems like humans can not survive without putting someone or something into a category. It is in our nature to learn and to evolve and with that, we have a need to classify data for storage but this is dividing us and preventing us from… Continue reading Labels = data. Data = Thirst for Knowledge.

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Embrace similarities… embrace diversity

When I see posts, memes or videos that try and discredit, or glorify, God, evolution or the big bang theory (science not the show), I just shake my head. I just don't understand why people cannot allow other people, most of whom they don't know, have an opinion different from their own. With all the… Continue reading Embrace similarities… embrace diversity

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Forgiveness... is more than saying sorry... Forgiveness is about giving yourself peace and letting go of past hurts.  I attended a church service where the message was about forgiveness. The point of this message was to say when you don't forgive someone who has wronged you, you stand in the way of God taking care… Continue reading Forgiveness.


Ignorance is NOT bliss…

My first job  was at Planned Parenthood. I am talking about my very first job EVER! I started my working career as a peer educator. In New York State, you are required to first obtain your working papers in order to receive a paycheck. I wasn't even old enough to have working papers so I… Continue reading Ignorance is NOT bliss…

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Live for you… not for others to approve.

I can not go on social media now a days without seeing posts from those for or against Trump becoming president. Actually, every thing on social media is in response to something someone has or hasn't done or said or didn't say. It's exhausting to see so many people pass judgement on others without taking a good… Continue reading Live for you… not for others to approve.

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I know where I am going… because I know where I’ve been.

I grew up surrounded by family. My aunts and uncles were so close that my cousins were more like siblings than anything else. I have memories of the house being filled with kids and laughter; so many fun times. But as we grew older, some older family began to pass away and the family started… Continue reading I know where I am going… because I know where I’ve been.