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Choose Love.

For the last installment of the inspiration from Rumi, I chose two quotes. I thought it was fitting for these two quotes to be together in a blog as well as appear in the last entry because of the content -- LOVE. "Be certain that in the religion of Love, there are no believers and… Continue reading Choose Love.

Equanimity, Freedom, Thoughts

Labels = data. Data = Thirst for Knowledge.

I was thinking about how we love our labels. It seems like humans can not survive without putting someone or something into a category. It is in our nature to learn and to evolve and with that, we have a need to classify data for storage but this is dividing us and preventing us from… Continue reading Labels = data. Data = Thirst for Knowledge.

Equanimity, Thoughts

Embrace similarities… embrace diversity

When I see posts, memes or videos that try and discredit, or glorify, God, evolution or the big bang theory (science not the show), I just shake my head. I just don't understand why people cannot allow other people, most of whom they don't know, have an opinion different from their own. With all the… Continue reading Embrace similarities… embrace diversity