Finding Perfection

I am obsessed with perfection. I believe perfection is not one thing for everyone but something that is defined by the beliefs of an individual. I am obsessed with my ideas of perfection. I have always  wanted to be the top student in class; I have always wanted to be a great dancer, singer, even… Continue reading Finding Perfection

Freedom, Thoughts

Live for you… not for others to approve.

I can not go on social media now a days without seeing posts from those for or against Trump becoming president. Actually, every thing on social media is in response to something someone has or hasn't done or said or didn't say. It's exhausting to see so many people pass judgement on others without taking a good… Continue reading Live for you… not for others to approve.


I may not have everything I want…

I have PTSD. My life is like living on an emotional/psychological roller coaster. When life is good... oh it's the greatest. But when I am at the bottom of that hill, I don't even realize I am depressed until I've been depressed for some time. I am currently climbing out of a valley and I… Continue reading I may not have everything I want…